About us

We are passionate about making quality, long-lasting, clothing and make it in an ethical and environmentally responsible way.

The Shawl Story

The Shawl project was born upon hearing a heart-warming tale that spoke to our deep-rooted family values. A charming fable about the significance of honouring the most important people in your life. 

The story goes that, once upon a time, Italian grandmothers would affectionately fashion delicate shawls using wool from their own sheep. Selecting and spinning the yarn as they did everyday for their family business. Bestowing their affection in every twist and pull. Then, they would devotedly embroider cherished memories and family mementos atop creating a unique heirloom that holds a lifetime of tales. An exhibition of their gratitude toward family life. When they handed this shawl down to their daughters, they would explain the meaning of each picture with warmth and passion. From then on, their daughters would add new memories to be handed down to the next generation. On and on the shawl passed from mother to daughter, as it had before. 

Touched by the intimacy of such an irreplaceable gift, Lana Bambini made it a passion project to find our own shawl. Despite searching high and low, the time-honoured shawl had fallen out of favour, and we were left empty handed. So, we sought to reawaken the old tradition ourselves. We started by visiting the family wool businesses that still operate in Italy today. Long-held establishments handed down from family member to family member, just like the tradition of the shawl once had. We traced the history of traditional craftsmanship across Italy to Biella — the famed wool capital of the world — where their beautifully woven yarn is caressed by the soft waters and crisp air of the Alpine region. 

The result of our search is a collection of shawls, stoles, and blankets created to comfort you and your family in your most precious moments. A warm, inviting collection that has been lovingly handcrafted from mindfully selected, organic materials. We hope you can carry these versatile pieces with you through your highs and lows. Wrap around your shoulders as you watch the snow fall.  Swaddle your children when tears fall down their cheeks. Snuggle into it as you sip your morning coffee. And gift it to your grandchildren as your recount your favourite memories. This is our gift to you and your family; Let your Lana Bambini Shawl carry many lifetimes of moments. It is an offering to nurture your inner peace, no matter what is happening in the outside world.

The Essential Socks 

We started with the finest socks, handcrafted in а small family-run atelier in the Lombardy region of Northern ltaly. The best natural materials and artisanal handmade quality combine to create а collection of the warmest and cosiest socks available.

We use only natural materials including alpaca wool, organic cotton, biological hemp and natural linen. Not to use any synthetic components was a choice and we believe that it is better for your health and for the environment. We rather would wear socks that are comfortable, breathable, anti-allergenic, anti-bacterial, naturally flame resistant and suitable for everyone than sacrifice those qualities for making products that are cheaper to produce.

That's why we are paying close attention to the quality of the raw materials used, low harmfulness of the dyes and the limitation and recyclability of packaging, minimising waste.