Naturally dyed

All natural dyeing is done with harvested rainwater and all dye water is recycled through engineered reed-bed and plant bed systems. In the end, natural dye matter is composted in the wormery and turned into beautiful rich organic compost. This is a complete circular-economy process and the most sustainable and eco-friendly practices possible. 

In our business, we are trying our best to avoid waste and overproduction, so we are not keeping stock and everything is made-to-order. It takes longer but fast fashion is not what we are about. The same practice will apply to natural dyeing – we will be adding colours specifically for your order. Models from wool, cotton, linen and hemp could be naturally dyed with a range of rich, beautiful, and long-lasting hues that are not only kind to your skin but also to the environment. 

Please notice that the minimum order for natural dye socks is 20 pairs.